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Thursday, June 22, 2006

anonymous flaming

Although this blog has sat dormant for a small time, we recently recieved a comment on an old entry. This comment is an exemplary example of a phenomenom almost uniquely enabled by the internet - anonymous criticism. This special phenomenom, sometimes called flamming, ranges anywhere from playful slander to death threats by taking advantage of the very concept of an avatar. This egomanical notion is enabled by the kind of empowerment the internet can offer to the individual, but the object of an anonymous flame is to escape the consequences of offering a criticism.
IT is important to consider that the comment in question is not so much a criticism as much as an insult. Someone, who we are now assured is not the author of the wesbite their name is linked to, obviously has enough time to lay out blanket commentary on websites; but does not feel responsible to offer any insight from their summary judgement. Should it be any suprise to anyone making these kind of blanket, self-important, accusatory flames were attached to a LiveJournal user?

Naturally, any good flame stokes another to burn. Here's how we originally broke down the comment by commenting on the link offered by their OpenID (the self-identified link to a LiveJournal):

"I'm willing to bet you parse comments like this in what i will loosely refer to as your "blog", so i would suggest deleting this post before you are caused but a single moment of introspection.

now then because someone was smart enough to link me here, without the courtesy of explaining their blanket statement by means of writting comparison, i will just have to make a few presumptions.
1.) it's really easy to criticize the work of somebody else without offering your own work up for criticism.
2.) whereas my blog is a public, open, communal blog availible for any number for contributors, your blog is a friends only livejournal
3.) i can only assume that your work is of a self-indulgent nature, designed by someone who feels self important enough to talk about themself above all other matters in the world
4.) i have a live journal. and i'm not afraid of commiting thought crimes in it. i'm also not a lurker
5.) who has enough time to read random blogs on the internet anyway?
6.) Oh wait, this is LiveJournal. The place where everyone is in a clusterfuck of egomaniacal naval gazing. I know your life is so hard sitting behind the doors of class-priviledge (internet connection), what with other people's blogs like mine to read. Sorry to disturb you from your usual brooding and trying to grab people like me to pay attention to you.

in summary, A.) who the hell are you? B.) what crawled up your ass? and C.) to be fair i published your comment, because I can take criticism. of course, i am commenting back because i have no idea what i was supposed to learn or improve through this given criticism."

Maybe we were giving the troll exactly what they wanted, but it was far more of a criticism than the one offered...


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