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I Hate Livejournal

A failed project began here, and the mediocrity continues to this day. Enjoy reposting here from (gasp) Live Journal, which would ordinarily go unappreciated in that format. I am a hypocrite. This is an open blog, so if you feel like talking about your live journal on the IHLJ team - just let me know.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Social Networking Alternatives

Are you lonely, but feel like you're perving around MySpace? Wipe away your stain encrusted soul and join the party over at Consumating. Home to the young, the hip, and the geeky, Cosumating is the dating site even couples can enjoy together. With questions, contests, conversations, and pictures all over you'll find no shortness of socialibility. Not mention a streamlined tagging system and interface, so you'll never see those cracked out page designs ever again.

I've already been around (See below), but see for yourself!


At 5/06/2006 6:18 PM, Blogger Thadius Ignatious Elliot said...

Internet Rockstar, the founder of Consumating, found this entry, and sent me a message about it on Consumating. I have no idea how he found my profile, but since he's too shy to say it himself I'll say it for him:

"Glad you liked the IFC thing. hehe. It aires tomorrow on the network.

I saw your links to Consumating from your blog. I like how you described it - the only dating site you can use with your partner. heh. We are trying to move away from the dating site thing, but that's a great way to describe it. good job!"

Be sure to look for him on the SXSW news doc over on IFC this weekend. Otherwise, feel free to join the party already


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