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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to Quit Myspace week - Day 3

Cancel your account

Did you see what I did last? I gave at least a week's notice that I was leaving MySpace! Now that I've let everyone know that I'm leaving and how to get in touch with me (BTW a few comments wouldn't kill ya), I can safely proceed in doing the dirty work of cancelling my account on MySpace.
According to the MySpace FAQ (question number #69 appropriately), canceling your account is a simple process. In practice, MySpace has made finding the right set of links difficult - after all, they need you to stay and bring in still others yet into the community. Now that you're committed to canceling, i'm gonna tell you how to the leap.

You actually need to be logged in to MySpace to cancel your account (practicly ironic). Take a last inventory of messages if you want, and re-post your final e-viction notice through appropriate channels. It will take 2 days for their server to process your cancel request, so your friends will know. Stay on your "home" page, the one you are sent to when you sign in.
Look at the top of your home page, and in the settings table (in the top left corner, underneath the navigation bar) click on your Account Settings. On that page ("Change Account Settings") there should be a link that says Cancel Account, found just above the "My Account Settings" area. Click that and we're on our way.

The Cancel My Account Page Will look like this:
if you're using IE on a Windows XP computer that is.  Click the linked picture for a bigger size
They'll try to sucker you in one last time to stay on. DO NOT follow the notification link - it is only there as an excuse to keep you because you know all the e-mail you get from myspace notices is running your life.

All that is left before the next step is to click the Red Button that says "Cancel My Account". The button is directly under the text box offering you to explain why you are leaving - this is your chance to give them a piece of your mind.
quiting myspace step 1-2
If you're interested, here's what I had to tell them in the cancellation comments box:
cancelling comments

Now that you've pushed past all urges to turn back by pushing the Red Button that to begin cancelling your MySpace account, you will have to wait for the next step. Congrats on your decision to become MySpace free; sobriety will make a man do much stranger things than sobriety...You've almost quit!


At 6/20/2006 7:26 PM, Anonymous Oceanus said...

Wow! This journal is pointless and stupid!


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