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Monday, May 15, 2006

How to Quit Myspace week - Day 2

Serving E-viction Notice

Since the main factor drawing people into using MySpace is keeping in touch with or possibly making new friends, its also the momentum that keeps you from being able to cancel your account. Once you've discovered the hell whole that myspace has become, you become reluctant to quit only after considering what it would be like to cut off communication with so many of your "friends".
The solution to this problem is to serve a period of notice, in which you can provide your friends information in where else to get in touch with you. I took a period of two weeks serving my e-viction notice to my friends, but you might not even need that long. The important thing is to let your MySpace friends know that you are leaving the MySpace community, and giving them the information on where to find you either online or off.

To give them notice, you can actually take advantage of the tools MySpace provides. For instance, you can use the bulletin system to post multiple notices throughout your notice period (if your friends are sure to see it there). Alternately, you could post a final entry in your blog there with the same information. If you only need to give this information to your personal friends or some select group, you could leave comments on their page to the effect of your leaving.

As a precaution, I served notices to more outlets than just MySpace with the same message. Here is what my notice looked like as an example of a good e-viciton notice:

(click image to enlarge)

I think my message is a good example. I provide all online outlets on where to keep in touch with me, an e-mail address (carefully formatted so spam bots won't be able to copy it), and most important an urge to message me in system about how to get in contact. This last part is probably the most important, so that people get to contact you immediately after reading the message. In this way you can still take advantage of the MySpace system.

Don't forget to give your friends notice first before just taking down your MySpace - you wouldn't be using it if they weren't.


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