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I Hate Livejournal

A failed project began here, and the mediocrity continues to this day. Enjoy reposting here from (gasp) Live Journal, which would ordinarily go unappreciated in that format. I am a hypocrite. This is an open blog, so if you feel like talking about your live journal on the IHLJ team - just let me know.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

How to Quit Myspace week - Day 1

I have recently kicked the little friending game called MySpace. I believe there are many good reasons to quit MySpace, but many people haven't even thought how they might escape from this bottomless well of communication. I am one of those people.

the pretty pictures that lured you it (and keep you reading this entry), as ruined by the template backgrounds impossible to read and dual video/audio playing over each other.  There is no way I can miss it.  DELETED!

This week I have prepared a short guide to quitting MySpace in the hope that you might join me in the liberty only canceling your myspace can provide you. Remember that just because any system is pervasive in it's reach does not necessarily make it a good system (see also: Live Journal). You will keep the friends who really care about your life, even if they can't "friend" you anymore.


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