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I Hate Livejournal

A failed project began here, and the mediocrity continues to this day. Enjoy reposting here from (gasp) Live Journal, which would ordinarily go unappreciated in that format. I am a hypocrite. This is an open blog, so if you feel like talking about your live journal on the IHLJ team - just let me know.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I really do hate Live Journal, but

This blog was created for one purpose. I project I have abandonned.

I was going to have a "blog war" between a live journal called "ILoveBlooger" and this blogger called "IHateLiveJournal". it was to be a relationship break-up in cyberspace. Both blogs would assume the stereotypes of their respective blog choices. LJ would talk about how sad they were, and get jealous, and wonder why it didn't work out. Blogger was going to talk about the futility of continuing this arguement, attack the maturity level of LJ, and generally be as cold hearted as possible.
Would have been fun to read, i know. i even had plans that they would (gasp) discover each other's blog, and a fake flame war would begin!

but alas, my own writing took presidence. i even had trouble doing that.

so, here i am with a blogger account, and the charade is nearly impossible to maintain without starting over again (the cycle of time in said performance art would be shattered).

i hope to double post my good writing that doesn't belong in LJ here. And just maybe if you play nice, I'll make original posts as well.


At 9/26/2005 4:20 PM, Blogger user said...

Oh boy, it's Christmas!


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